NAD 3020i Integrated Amplifier


NAD 3020i is a improved version of well known 3020 from the list of Ten Most Significant Amplifiers of All Times. As usuall it will not surprise you by its look, or futures... but that is not what you buy it for. If you google it you will find that those babes are not cheap. The reason for that is.... ooh why should I answer, buy one and find out yourself.


Condition varies, it can be in good shape or in terrible. Do test before buying. If you like quiet music the 3020i may dissapoint you with its vibrating power transformer. It is not the end of a day, internet will bring you a lot of ideas how to get rid of this noise (extra rubber separation or dipping in the special varnish) If you need help ask me.


As soon as I have plugged it into the system and started music I realized one thing... The power rating is misleading. Honestly speaking this small amplifier can rock the block. Sounds are gentle all accross the frequency range. It is definately worth a lot... and deserves its reputation. Buy one and just listen... it will stay for ever in your system.

Continuous power output [W]
Frequency Response [Hz]
Preamplifier Section Input Impedance
High Level Input Impedance
Phono preamp
Height x Width x Depth [mm]
Weight [kg]
2 x 20 at 8 Ohm
20 - 20000
47 Kohm
Volume, Balance, Trable, Bass, Input selector
80 x 420 x 250

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